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    I just want to know if any of the online email services are better suited for the treo. I wouldn't use it often, only when I want to access a second email account that wouldn't automatically pop up like versamail or chatter/snapper.

    ie Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.
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    For Gmail, I find it easiest to just use the web. I have Chatter installed but don't use it anymore. The web is so fast that it is easier just to go directly to Gmail (not the mobile version but the HTML version.) The advantage to me is that when I delete a file it is gone. I also have access to my entire Gmail account.
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    if you are using chatter.. I say get an AIM (aol) mail account... it uses true push right to chatter. Also, with the new chatter upgrade the battery life is not a big issue anymore. I have all my emails forwarded to my AIM email.. and have chatter set up to push my AIM messages... works like a charm!


    Sorry I didnt read your message all the way... you obviously don't want push mail... I usually can read my yahoo mail really easy via blazer...

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    Yahoo has a good mobile interface (the new beta one).
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    I left Yahoo! after bunches of years and switched to GMail - it is a bit different but hey, it works and it is free. I still maintain two push accounts. Ben
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    gMail works. And they have a beta of domain hosting as well. I host 3 domains for mail thru them and it's worked fine. For the domain hosted mail they have a hard limit of 25 accounts for free and 2 gig of storage per account.

    One oddity with them is that your sent mail will show up in your inbox due to the way they handle things as 'conversations'. Haven't looked into resolving this yet as I haven't done a lot of emailing lately.
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    Frankly though nothing beats IMAP. I had excellent service with Fastmail until a couple of months ago and that caused me to look into an alternative service. The alternative service I ended up with is and so far so good.

    As a note, ChatterEmail/ does not properly display on the computer terminals I have access to at work. That forces me to send email from FastMail and if there is something I need to print something from, I forward it to my Yahoo or gMail account.

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    Gmail's awesome, but Free AOL works really well straight to Chatter, no forwarding to any other account.
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    Gmail works great with Versamail. It's free and easy to setup. Make sure you enable pop3.

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