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    ^^ like the topic says, the Treo 680 is now on pre-order at Expansys.

    Price? 319.95 (or $610 roughly) ... long way from the quoted $425 in other posts .
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    That's because it's the unlocked version and it's from most likely a third party retailer.
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    wow,,,, where is the entry level ??? at US$610, that's expensive even for unlick version.
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    This is a third party, selling a product that doesn't exist yet. Don't take their price to heart just yet. I'd wait until Palm makes announcement before making a judgement call.
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    Added to the fact that just converting from pounds to dollars doesn't give an accurate price. We always pay way more for stuff here, so things generally cost as much in pounds as dollars i.e. you'll most likely get it for $300-$400.
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    Yep, TazUk is right, don't convert - you generally pay the same number of dollars that we pay pounds. I pre-ordered my 680 from eXpansys a couple of days ago. So now I wait ..........
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    It's also available on the Mobile City Online website for US$599.99:
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    boo, only graphite.

    once the 680 is announced by cingular, will the mobilecity price drop?
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