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    So i dropped my 650 phone the other day and broke it, did the insurance thing and they said that they only have a 700 that they could replace it with. They offered a 700P, however I wanted to get them to send me a 700W - long story short the 700p will be here today. I want to make sure that the 700p is the optimal phone for what I am trying to do.

    I primarily use the phone to sync with Outlook in the office, text from time to time and pick up email on the road, that's about it. The issue I had with the 650, if I made changes on the phone, it would either duplicate the appointment or leave the old one in the calendar.

    I have talked to people with the "W" and they indicate that the changes made on the phone will automatically change the data on your exchange server and vice versa with no need to cradle sync the phone. Can this be done with the "P" phones?

    Also, has anyone changed / coverted a "p" phone to a "W"?

    If it matters, I am a Verizon guy and have about 1500 contact in my database with quite a few notes, multiple contact categories, etc...
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    same thing happend to me but i wanted the P

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