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    This is my first 700 and I just ordered my memory card (thanks for the help there).

    I found something called Card Reader 1.04. Do I need this type app? Is it to get info onto my card from other sources (which I don't think I would need), or is it to get info from the card to my palm desktop with hot synching? I just thought that would automatically happen with hot synch.

    ...and yes, I searched, but am still confused.
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    Card Reader 1.04 allows you to connect the 700P to your PC with the supplied USB/hotsync cable and copy data to and from the SD card as if it was in a card reader.

    There are a couple of different applications that do this. One is Softick Card Export and the other is Mobile Streams Card Reader 1.04. I personally have found Card Export to work better (for me) and it costs less.

    Yes, I would recommend Card Reader 1.04 for purchase if you plan to copy files to and from your SD card with any frequency (especially large files like .MP3's or video files).

    Yes, you can copy files to the SD card with hotsync, but it takes a LONG time. You could try copying a 4mb .MP3 to the sd card using hotsync to test this for yourself to get a sense of how cumbersome this really is.

    An actual card reader (the hardware), which is fairly cheap these days, is another option as an alternative to purchasing Card Reader 1.04.
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    I second the suggestion of a hardware card reader. It's generally going to be faster than transferring files through the Treo itself.
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    there is a card reader app on the install CD.

    I like using the SimpleTech Bonzai reader too. Its like 8 bucks.
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    I'll third the hardware route. I've found a separate card reader is faster and less hassle.

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