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    Whenever my sound is off and I get an alert (whether for a reminder, appointment, or alarm), my 700p doesn't just vibrate once as it did on the 650 but continuously as if I were getting a phone call. Hitting clear doesn't stop the vibrating---I have to soft reset it to stop the vibrating. I've checked all my settings in Sounds, Pref, and Butler and nothing seems amiss. Anybody else having this problem? Any thoughts on a solution?
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    try pressing the outside volume keys next time.. this happens to me occasionally when I switch to silent mode. pressing the side volume keys stops the notification and it doesnt happen againafter that
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    Thanks for the response. I tried what you suggested and it stopped the vibrating once but the vibrating started up again on the next alert and this time none of the outside volume keys stopped it. I tried disabling Butler but that didn't make a difference so we can rule that out as the cause of the bug.

    Any other thoughts?

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