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    This is a Treo 650 Goodlink question. Can I set the lmits on my mailboxes seperate from what I have in Outlook? For example I keep about 8 weeks of e-mail in my inbox. Can I set up Goodlink to only store the last 4 weeks of e-mail? Or just store the last 500 e-mails?

    Will keeping fewer e-mails reduce the memory usage on my Treo 650? Or does Goodlink have a static db size for storing the e-mails.
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    You can't set limits. Whatever is in your inbox will be reflected on the device. You can reprov the device, which will put the last 100 emails in the inbox, but that is the extent of what you can do.

    The email has little or no effect on the memory of the device. There is a limit on the number of emails, though I don't know what it is. When you hit that limit, the oldest email(s) are removed from the device. I have literally thousands of emails on my device between my inbox and folders and have no memory problems.

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