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    Treo 700p/Verizon problem: Sometimes (increasingly frequently) when I answer a call, there is no incoming/outgoing audio. This does not seem to be the headset jack issue since I do see the speakerphone options and all other normal call answer screen items. If I select speakerphone, there is still no audio but now I have a total hang.

    I've done a ton of searches for an answer (probably my own inadequate boolean search terms), with no answers. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks from a long time lurker, first time poster!
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    Is there anyone that can help with this?
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    Hot sync to back up.

    Hard reset.

    If the problem is still there on a clean device . . . . then it is a hardware issue.

    If it goes away try a clean install.

    Cheers, Perry
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    What Perry said.

    And, it CAN still be the headphone jack.
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    If it is hardware and you are out of warranty coverage . . . . . . .Volume Care has a headset jack bypass function . . . . if it is the headset jack stuck on thinking a headset is inserted.
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    Thank you for the responses! Part of me has known I'd have to hard reset and go app by app to find the culprit, I guess your answers are forcing me out of denial!

    Thanks again & here's to the May 28th update!
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    Or more specifically, the WEEK of the 28th...
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    Quote Originally Posted by abgesq View Post
    I guess your answers are forcing me out of denial!

    Damn, I hate when that happens! I prefer to be consistent and there is nothing more consistent than a perpetual state of denial.
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    I had the same issue with my phone. It turns out that the headset jack was the culprit. It shorted out both the speaker and the mic. Sprint replaced.

    I did try Perry's solution 1st. Including Volumecare. If you have to bypass your headset to get the phone to functuion, that's a problem. However, it atleast might give you a work around solution until you get a new phone from your provider.

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