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    On Guard comes in a "neat freak plus" package with an uninstaller and cleanup utility.

    One of you who recomended Resco said to look at On Guard too...but I didn't know if it was instead of Reesco, or in addition to.

    The idea of a proper uninstall tool appeals to me. I want to keep this thing clean.
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    OnGuard is a bit different. You select which application(s) you want it to backup, and it backs them up when you exit the application(s), everytime you exit the application(s) (this "almost real-time" backup is very quick and unobtrusive, maybe adding 1/10th second to the exit process, except with Chatter, which takes a bit longer).

    Used in conjunction with a traditional back up program, such as Resco's, you will have up-to-date data on your card in case of a need to restore.

    Daily or weekly updates with traditional backup programs back up everything, except what you have added/deleted/changed since the backup.

    With OnGuard, I keep all changes to my calendar, contacts, tasks, and Chatter email backed up as I make the changes. This way, if need be, I can restore all the major information from the main backup, and not forget/lose contact information, meetings/appointments, task, etc. added since the overnight backup.

    Like you, I looked at the Neat Freak bundle (a must have) and the Neat Freak Plus bundle. I decided the extra $5 or so for the Plus bundle (which includes OnGuard) was worth the price to have the "almost real-time" backup of my important information which I may otherwise forget or lose. Fortunately, I have not yet had to use this program, but I do not regret spending the few extra dollars on it.
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    I also use On Guard and it is essential for me. It enhances the backup process by providing real time backing up of data after the appropriate termination of an application.

    If you must rely upon your device, then the additional cost of On Guard is well worth it.


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