I've never used a wired headset with my Treo until I got a "theBoom O" headset from work. It's worked fine up until yesterday, I plugged it in and it made some little crackling noises as the plug went in, like it always does, but all the sound still comes out of the phone instead of coming through the headset. Then later it worked, but only for a few minutes and then suddenly sound was coming through the phone again and not through the headset. Unplugging it and plugging it back in does nothing, the sound just stays on the phone.

I've got Freedom, which I purchased when I was wiring my Treo into my motorcycle's audio system. Can that help me at all? I've looked into its settings and I don't see anything to help on this.

Is my headset jack dying? Is there maybe something wrong with my "theBoom" headset?