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    can someone help..i see colour options in the edit mailbox view..i have changed the colour many times but still see no change. the mailbox view is very bland. colour will help that..

    also I see alpt of people talking the the ui is rough and they like snapper better. to me I think the mailbox ui is great and simple. just need some colour.....
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    Currently the color selection in the Mailbox setup is applied at the 'Summary' view. So if you have one or more mailboxes enabled for 'Summary' view, you should see the entries in the colors you chose.
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    ok I have one aim account. so how do I enable summary view.. I went in to options and checked the summary box. and picked a colour but nothing happens. what am I doing wrong.
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    Once you check the summary box in the options, Summary should be listed in the dropdown list at the top, where your mailbox is listed. You can also choose an option to have Chatter start in the summary view every time.

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