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    I'm evaluating Chatter vs. versamail for my 700P.

    Chatter really does seem much better in just about every way...


    Is there a way to filter messages (or choose not to download certain messages) in Chatter? My mailbox is POP3 and my provider offers spam filtering. Since I occasionally get false positives, I have all of my spam marked ***SPAM*** in the subject instead of deleting it at the server. All of my other mail clients either just don't download things marked ***SPAM*** or automatically filter it into another folder (or into the trash) where I can take a quick look before deleting all of it.

    Versamail supports this via filtering -- I can tell it to filter all messages marked ***SPAM*** directly into the trash.

    Is there any way to get this functionality with Chatter? I'd really like to switch over, but I can't take all the spam in my inbox.

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    No, there isn't.

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    Server side filtering is what I use, though I stopped using it yesterday - nothing ever works the way it should in all situations. Ben

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