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    I have not been able to connect to the Sprint PCS email server. The connection on my desktop is working and I am logged in. Normally the push to my 650 is very reliable and outages are on my side for the most part.

    I was on hold with Josh from Sprint technical 650 support and he told me to hold on as he was running a test. Before he left he said this was the second call he had taken regarding not being able to get email using Sprint PCS service and then I was disconnected--WTF--do they do this for.

    Wondering if this is a Sprint Server communication problem.
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    Doesn't seem to be anything wrong. I upgraded the client yesterday, which is actually pretty nice, and I have not had a probelm connecting since.

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    OK it just all started working. I saw the desktop ICON going yellow then green etc. I assume they had some type of server problem in the Texas area or where ever I go through. Looks to be working fine now. What was the biggest difference you noticed with the upgrade. I have been impressed on how they keep improving the product. For my business the PCS email service works great--glad I did not use Versamail
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    I cant get my email to work on my Treo 650 (I have sprint and a charter email account). I spent hours fooling with it, and hours on the phone with tech support back in February when I first got the Treo. I finally got it to work after I figured out that the outgoing server isnt charters, its, but now it doesnt work anymore. I get so frustrated with this damn thing, I have spent hours. Any advice? Would it be any easier if tried to set it up with my gmail account and just had my charter email forwarded to my gmail? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I may have the answer, or at least prevent other problems. I also POP mail from another service but use Sprint SMTP. I found out that Sprint will cancel your email account if inactive for x months. The solution is to download Sprint mail once in a while, then go back to your usual POP mail.

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