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    I was looking for a docking cradle for awhile and the only one which i saw that can be used with a skin is the seidio one, INNO dock but pricey !

    i came across this cheaper one on ebay which works perfectly with my treo 700p with a boxwave skin on

    There is a piece that moves back n forth so u can fit any thickness cased treo on it

    check it out, sharing the big find !

    i got the one with the wall charger, has a few bundles available, some with a case or skin or wall charger or can buy cradle by itself
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    Saw this a while back, but not sure about quality. If it has an audio-out jack, chances are it has a 2.5mm plug in it, and I fear that it may eventually wear out the jack.
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    yes, it does have the optional audio out jack on the back

    i have been using for over a week now with no problems

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