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    I'm looking for suggestions to replace Par-PRo on my Treo for Voice Memos.

    I find it to be counter intuitive.

    What works well with the Mac desktop?
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    I've been trying out CallRec and have been pretty happy with it. It records VERY clear WAV audio files.

    I've been using the MissingSync's ( file transfer conduit to get the audio files CallRec creates on my mac. If you don't have MS you can use a card reader to transfer the audio files off of your SD card.
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    Thanks, I like the interface better than ParPro.

    Did you set compression on? I did and didn't notice significant quality loss.

    Can I get the files to my mac with the Palm desktop voice memo condit? I don't have Missing Sync?
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    mvoice also works well as a recorder. It also offers the ability to email the memo, record phone calls (both sides of conversation) and in general allows for different compression types. I would recommend it. I've been using it for over a year or so.

    Also, I use missing sync which makes transfering files very easy.
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