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    Is anyone having reset problems with Invisible, a program that hides unused icons? It will hide an icons, but then unhide it. When I go back into the program and select the hidden icon, my treo resets. Anyone else? I have contacted support, but they have not been responsive. Thanks.
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    Invisible was never updated to work on the 650/700p series. Obfuscate does the same thing - also many third party launchers do the same - ZLauncher does.

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    Thank you! I installed Obfuscate and it worked, no problems/crash. However, it did not load up other programs such as TinyChart. Its free!
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    Invisible works juts fine for me...
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    Invisible worked on the 650. The only reason I used Invisible was because of the graphic capabilities of the 600. With the 650, I wanted something with more options. With the 700p it was just plain unstable. Ben
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    There's two different programs called Invisible. I have Invisible 1.4 from on my 700p and it works fine. Maybe some people having instability are using the other one?

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