My Treo 700p froze before my business trip to Europe. Luckily, Resco Backup restored the Treo to a workable state. Unfortunately, several databases did not fully contain all my preferences. Now, I am traveling stateside and have noticed that the ringtone database is incomplete. The main problem is that important contacts no longer have ringtones; thus their calls go unanswered (unless in vibrate mode).

Upon investigating, my sound database is missing multiple ringtones. All my rintones were placed in the Treo’s native sound folder and the contacts were assigned specific ringtones through the 700p native functionality. This occurrence upsets me since Resco Backup has a scheduled backup every night and should contain all preference files. I even attempted the restore process several times. Either the backup process never fully captured some preference files or the sound database was already corrupted. Several other applications like zLauncher did not fully restore either.

I have several questions, so I could get up and running again before resyncing my device with my desktop. What database contains the ringtones? I want to find this file in Resco backup and try the restore again. Maybe, another restore point has these preference files intact. Has anybody figure out how to reset contact ringtones to a default ringtone with a corrupted ringtone database or unavailable ringtone?

How do you import AAC ringtones from a SD card? The mid files restore easily through the SD card; with...


This technique does not work with AAC (some_tone.m4a). Does anybody have suggestions?

Please let me know any tips or suggestions for restoring these preferences. My time is limited while traveling; thus do not have the patience to figure out this workaround. Thanks.