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    I was looking at some other forums and discovered that a Treo can be used like night vision. I was sort of skeptical obviously, but I found out that it works.

    All you have to do is put the Treo in camera mode and then use the sepia effect and the Treo will pick up IR light/beams

    I don't have anything with a strong IR, just a remote, but when I flashed the IR beam from the remote, I could see the beam - it was pretty neat. I was excited and showed my GF but I think she was less impressed. But I thought I'd share it with you all and maybe you will be as impressed as I was.
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    This works in regular mode as well, you don't have to change to Sepia. It works on all digital cameras with a screen (not through viewfinder).
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    Yes, this works on all digital cameras and video cameras.

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