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    ok, this saturday i dropped my treo onto concrete. there were no outward signs of damage.

    but, it would no longer read the sd card. nomatter howmany times i re-inserted it or reset the device.

    when i finally got home, several hours later, i inserted the card into another 650 i have. it read it fine. since i backup to the sd card every night, i restored the new device. once the restore happened, the new 650 wouldno longer see the card.

    is there something on the card or the treo that identifies the card and maybe it got corrupted?

    just wondering.

    btw, i stuck the card in a card reader and it was read by xp. i copied everything over and then re-inseterd to the old treo. this time it read it. Unfortunately, the treo reset today (not a fequent occurence) and the card was lost again until i reset it again.
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    It might be the common issue many of us are having with the SD. It might not be hardware. Try and use cradlecare. There is a thread here on it, look it up.

    When testing with cradlecare, be sure to validate that it sees the card not just by insertion sounds.
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