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    At the end of the hotsync log is this error:
    The setup on the handheld count not be updated because the PC does not have a hostname or IP address.

    Now I am sync'ing on a laptop that may or may not have an internet connection depending on where I am.

    Does the basic hotsync require a network setting?
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    Basic Hotsync does not require network settings. However Network Hotsyncing does. As a convenience, if the desktop has 'Network' Hotsyncing enabled it will send this information to the handheld to preset the needed settings on the Handheld. This error message indicates that the desktop does not have useful information for this. To avoid this error, disable the 'Network' Hotsyncing on this desktop: Click on the Hotsync manager icon in the tool bar and the select 'Network' in the context menu to remove the check mark.
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    thanks I will try that

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