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    I just got a visor delux & one of the cool feature's I liked was the abilty to read little ebooks. I want to load some existing documents from my mac, or even a txt file, ..does the palm have a specific format? do I need a ebook utility to create & load ebooks? I thought it would be great to load on Abbie Hoffman's 'Steal this book" .. I've got it in text on my iMac, how can I get it in my visor?
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    For editing Docs, I like Wordsmith ( )

    For Reading e-books, I like TealDoc. ( )

    For converting docs I like QEX. ( )

    Good luck. I read al lmy books now in eBook form..

    P.S. couold you e-mail me (AS AN ATTACHEMTN) "Steal this book" ? Thanxs
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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