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    Long time pos user 600 to 650 to 700p. Q not as great functionality but so much lighter and the bluetooth among other things actually works.
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    How's the battery life with that Q?
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    Happy with it so far ... but havent been on the road much.
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    I tried to switch to the q but I missed my touchscreen too much...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1 View Post
    I tried to switch to the q but I missed my touchscreen too much...
    Not only no touchscreen but it's also a stripped version of windows mobile.
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    What, no touch screen?!? I'm happy here
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    You will be very sorry. We got 2 Q's in at work. 1 doa, 2 often resets. Yes it is small but not very good. Crashes often, not nearly as easy to use as the treo.
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    lol the Q blows. battery life sucks. os freezes requires a hard reset once a week
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    I don't think I would be able to give up the touch screen. I have gotten so used to it I do not think I could have a phone without one.
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    one thing that turned me off about the Q is that you cannot edit Word, Exel, and documents. I can't deal with that.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. We'll be here to welcome you with open arms when you come back.
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    I decided against the Q because it had no touch screen, and I've read that it can't sync notes with your PC unless you purchase a 3rd party app.
    I have to have my notes, too much info to keep in my head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Ash View Post
    Not only no touchscreen but it's also a stripped version of windows mobile.
    No bundled Memo Pad either; you have to buy your own app.

    From what I'm hearing, the Moto Q has better reception in some spotty areas, but after playing with it a little (we have a few in our organization) it's not the choice I'd make for a Windows Mobile phone, unless you're trying to give someone a BB replacement. I also found out that since it uses a nonstandard version of Windows Mobile, there are some Pocket PC apps that will run fine on a WM5 device like the Treo 700w, but that won't run on the Moto Q.
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    Guys, different strokes for different folks. Sheesh. No need to project your needs and wants on to someone else's device.

    There is clearly a market for a "lite" version of Windows Mobile and not everyone needs a touch screen or to be able to edit documents (I myself just like to read my docs on the go, but I don't do editing on the road...).

    Though irrelevent for the Q right now, Crossbow Smartphone (WM5 2nd edition, due out early next year) does add full Office capabilites as MS continues it's goal of combining the "smartphone" and "windows mobile deluxe" platforms together.

    Regarding the hardresets, doa, etc. that can be said about any smartphone device especially any PalmOS device ;-) I think I've seen a couple threads around here alluding to some "issues" with the 700p.

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    Had a Q on the 15 day Verizon trial. Brought it back in 16 hours. Not having a touch screen really sucked. I just could'nt get past that to see if there was anything else that I really liked or disliked.

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