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    I have just recently set up chatter email on my treo 650. I am able to get the email in my inbox with no problem . . . it updates/pushs from the mail server great!

    But for some reason I cannot see the the other folders on my server to file my new email away. (I am not really interested in actually seeing the mail in these folders, but just being able to file email into them)

    I also have my imap account on Outlook. the root folder path is set up at "INBOX" and I am able to see all of my server folders fine.

    in chatter mail I have tried every variation of "INBOX" I can think of in "complete server folder name" and I then "reload folder list' but it is to no avail.

    For instance when an email is highlighted, I press "m" and the the only folder in the folder browser is "INBOX" . . . what am i doing wrong????
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    Does "Inbox" have a "+" beside it? You have to press either right or left to collapse/expand the Inbox when its selected to see the subfolders.
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    thank you . . . i am a complete moron . . . and to think I have spent hours trying to figure this out. I did not think to press the right/left rocker. I had been tapping it with the stylus.

    thanks again!

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