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    My Trial had expired and I pressed Purchase about a million times but it still tells me that my trial has expired. I'm not really sure who to call and ask since I don't know who makes the software
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    Handmark makes the software. Visit
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    yep about 2 days ago my On Demand wouldn't sync...the error message it gave me was "device authentication failed...please reinstall the OnDemand Application"

    i didn't install/delete anything for the past month or so and BOOM! this happens. really quite stupid cause i can't find a solution on Handmarks site and the Sprint Reps are kinda scratching their heads over this one too...
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    I can see mine didn't doo the autoupdate the last 2 days, but when I manually update it's working (it=weather)

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    Mine's working fine, auto-updating every day at 7:05 am.

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