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    Just bought the Thinmodem+ and it's a GREAT enhancement for us low-end, plain ol' Visor types with all the memory. Web surfing is no problem, but the on-board e-mail (One Touch) is giving me fits. I'm getting intermittent fatal errors, as well as One Touch's infamous 604 error. And, of course, sometimes it works great . . . Anyone else out there encounter this and find a fix? Aargh! . . . frustrating! thanks - m
    MK Hayden
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    A fix, you ask?

    Install Eudora.

    Worked for me.


    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    Yup, Eudora is the way to go.
    Matt Nichols
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    John & Matt: you were right - no problems now that Eudora's there. Many thanks - m
    MK Hayden

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