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    I want to completely wipe my 650 due to lots of crashes lately.
    I will "format" and reinstall only the software I really need (Chatter, Butler, Filez, Lightwav, TomTom, PsMemo, PocketTunes, SoundRec and WorldMate), but I would very much like to keep the call log and all my messages (mms and sms). For the messages, I guess a copy of "Messages Database" should do the trick, but what about the call log - any way I can make a file copy of it?
    ...come to think of it, a copy of the web bookmarks would be great as well, if anyone has a tip, but this is not as important as my call log...

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    Try to check in your Backup folder if you have the PhoneCallsDB.pdb...

    For the Blazer:


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    Your Call Log is a file called PhoneCallDB, you can copy that over from a backup and replace the empty new one with the old one that has all your numbers. I use blazer and all its bookmarks are in a file called Blazer Bookmarks. Same as before, just copy a backup of it over to your fresh clean phone. All your SMS messages will be in several files, ranging from phone numbers to email address All starting with SMS, that is if you sent messages back, like a chat. For just recieved messages, SMS Msg Database is the file. Same as before, just copy all the files you want to restore from a backup. Big tip, is just backup your phone to a card with something like BackupBuddy, then just copy over what you want.
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    Thank you both!


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