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    Is there a way to set the 700p to alert me to voicemails more than once. If I get a voicemail, I'll get the alert once. But if I'm not near the phone and don't hear the alert, I don't know a voicemail was left unless I check it manually.

    Is there a way to set it so it continually alerts me to voicemail until I turn the alert off? My old Motorla did this. Thanks.
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    Treo Alert Manager works on my 700p. I don't think it is supported anymore...
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    Be really careful with this app. It works great, but if you buy it they won't send you the unlock code. A few weeks ago I went through hell trying to get them to send the code, in the end I had to call to get a refund from the website selling it. I wasn't alone, apparently there were other people with the same problem. The site (I forget which one) immediately took Alert Manager off. I guess I was the last straw.

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    Sorry, I purchased Alertmanager when they still sold it... I didn't realize that it was not for sell anymore.
    I just thought there was no tech support.

    Ok, this one is still supported...


    It has an ALERT NAG and a lot of other goodies!
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    Butler all the way.
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    Butler works great for many things.

    This guy does a good job with apps and support. He finds a market with all the loop holes with palm and there are many.
    He thinks like us..

    I think they have been working on the website though.. little washy...

    Good apps though, I support them.

    Most of the time I get Blank alerts though.. not sure if it's an app or because they are private..
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    I third and fourth and fifth the application of the second, Butler! Ben

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