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    I like the Senna leather cases, and would use the flip cover if it were that much better for protecting my screen. The other choice is to just use a stick-on screen nprotector, but that doesn't seem like it would protect from injury, just from dirt or minoe scratches.

    OTOH - is it too much of a pain to flip the cover all the time?

    I like the looks of the flip one, and would think that one would allow a better choice of where to put the phone (ie in my pants pocket instead of my shirt, my backpack or briefcase). I refuse to wear a case on my belt.
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    I would also like to know, I like the green one.
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    I use the Sena leatherskin (no flip) and a boxwave screen protector and keep it in my pocket. Flip lid would be annoying to me (and thicker) but would offer more protection..
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    I had one for the 600. I ended up taking the screen protector off and just using a stick on screen protector.
    You need to flip it down to use the palm and then it dangles down as you're using it. Unless you have small hard objects that constantly hitting the display it may not be worth it to you. The snaps for the cover are also fairly large and thick.
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    actually, I really dont caren about scratches on anywhere but the screen and lens. I can live with a well used appearing caseing and buttons. I just dont see the stick on screen film as that protective from pressure damage. Dirt and scratches are not pretty, but dont make the screen useless.

    ...but no,I don't like the dangle factor either. I just dont see the point in a case that protects only the least important parts from scratches (except for looks).

    FYI - I did have 1 screen on a 600 go bad as if a liquid rainbor of color filled 1/2 the screen after an unknown "pressure injury" (per Sprint). Warrentee didn't cover it...hense my going back to a flap cover.
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    Hey guys. First post here. I've had a Sena magnet Flip cover for my Dell Axim for about two years now and have loved it. Some pros and cons... Pros: Awesome quality, beautiful product, and space for 2 SDs, a credit card and driver's lic., and a couple bills (folded in thirds). Nice because once I got used to it, it eliminated the need for carying a wallet. Cons: the bottom of my Axim has had the paint worn off due to the inner stitched magnets rubbing (no problem though, since it's only visible when not in the case. Also, the case doesn't provide the greatest protection in the event of droppage and landing on an unprotected left or right side. However, the flip cover does provide very decent protection for the screen .

    Since I am going to buying my new treo 700p tomorrow ($249 at retail after $100 mail in rebate), I will probably order the Sena magnetic flip for the phone.

    I just noticed on the Sena site that the magnetic flip for the Treo flips down, while thr Aximcover flips up. Hmmm, this may make a difference and sway me toward a Vaja.

    Lastly, probably never happen but, I'd love to see the Treo with a small "imbedded" loop to attach a wrist lanyard, ala most pocket digital cameras. The Axims have one and it has saved my device from many a fall.

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