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    Quote Originally Posted by xpgeek View Post
    Actually, I fixed this problem by uninstalling the BizConn desktop client, rebooting, and reinstalling the BizConn desktop client. Next, you will need to perform a manual sync in BizConn on your Treo device. It will ask you to re-register BizConn on your Treo because the desktop client changed.
    You are a genius. Thanks! (How'd you figure out the fix?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sptv1 View Post
    You are a genius. Thanks! (How'd you figure out the fix?)
    Well, I figured that starting my BizConn setup from "square one" would be the way to go. I have found that when in doubt about a problem you are experiencing with BizConn, simply uninstalling both the desktop and Treo client, rebooting both your desktop and Treo, and then reinstalling both the desktop client and the Treo client usually fixes most problems. It also rules out whether it is a problem on your end or a Sprint's.

    I support five BizConn users at my workplace. Since the 6.7 update I have spent what I believe is way too much time troubleshooting server and desktop client issues that have happened to my various users since the update. I feel like I could handle doing some support for BizConn, so that is why I take the time to help people like yourself to try and work through problem(s). I don't know everything about BizConn, but would be happy to answer any questions you or anyone else may have about the product and will try to answer it to the best of my ability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515 View Post
    My wife uses biz connect with 3email addr's and she just recently did the upgrade. Once the upgrade was complete only one remained When I tried to recreate the accts it said i had the max number already. How can I find the accts that were there before (i.e. comcast email) or how can I delete and recreate them.

    Thanks in advance
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    Has anyone had problems with email dates showing up wayyyyy in the past on the BC inbox screen only. When you read an email the date showes up correctly. Also when you scroll over an email the incorrect changes!

    This is BC enterprise edition The problem started as soon as the upgrade happened. I noticed the problem once I upgraded the client but some people at work noticed the problem after the server was upgraded even with the old client!

    I'm a system administrator but I don't have any control over the BizCon or mail servers at work. I've talked to the techs who do and they are at a total loss and so are the Sprint BC people. The BC admins at work are currently planning to roll back to the previous software if we can't find a resolution.

    Rumor has it that this is the final nail in the coffin for work's Treo/BizCon program and we will be forced to give up our Treo's in exchange for BlackBerries in Q1 '07.

    Attached are three pics. Pic 1 shows that some emails show up correctly but the last one does has a strange date. Pic 2 shows the date changing as I scroll over it. Pic 3 shows that the date is displayed properly in the actual email.

    If you'd like to get in touch with me about this problem email: jon at tangentrix dot com
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