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    Does anyone use (or have used) the 2500mAh battery that is found on Ebay? I have had a 2400mAh Seidio which performed very well, but haven't had any experience with this particular battery. I know some batteries I have bought off of Ebay claimed large mAh's, but performed poorly. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Personally i would not get this battery if i were you, even if it were true( which i highly doubt) it wouldn't be much different than the 2400mah imho.
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    please dont buy one of those, i ordered one, and wasted three weeks and $8 in return shipping (returned it twice)

    this item does NOT work on the 700p, wont even turn on
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    Stay away from Ebay, I bought the 2400mAh Seidio off of Ebay and when I got it, it did not fit right... It would stick up just a notch on one side pushing the cover up. Drove me nuts and gave it to a buddy who could deal with that. Your better buying direct.

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