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    Just writing this for any prospective owners of this phone and this car (though I'm making no guarantees everyone will have this experience).

    I'm using my 700p with a JX-10 these days which means that there are some issues with static if the phone is more than 3ft away and occasional disconnection of the phone and headset after phonecalls.

    However, I just got a new G35 as a loaner car while my car is in the shop and it happens to have built in bluetooth. I went ahead and paired the phone with the car and I've been surprised so far by the best bluetooth experience I've had with my 700p so far (ironically in a car I will only have for another 2 or 3 days). Pairs up when the car is started without fail, makes calls with no issues, no static, no disconnects, etc. If any of this changes I'll be posting here again, but I just thought I'd write to let everyone know that it is possible.

    It seems that unfortunately bluetooth is just a fickle standard, and I think the problems we're seeing have a bit to do with the 700p and also with implementations on various headsets. I blame the standard for this more than the devices because the way I see it, if it had been defined properly we would not be seeing this much variation between different devices.
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    My 700p BT works just great with our Chrysler Town & Country van, but it doesn't work at all with our 2004 BMW 330.

    My husband's Razr works with both cars.

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    The sound quality with BT isn't that loud at all in the G35...
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