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    I was in a Cingular store paying my bill a few hours ago and, while waiting in line for the Pay Station, I was looking at all the phone and ads on the walls and I noticed one that caught my eye..
    I think that'll hold me off until the release.

    Has anyone else already found ads like this in one of their Cingular stores?
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    i'll go check the one down the street, hope this means theres a chance of a 3G GSM Palm based Treo
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    It's not THAT much better than the 700p. You press "right" instead of "center" in the 700p.

    However the 650 way was even better. In the phone screen you just start typing the name of the person, it will go to address book directly you don't need to press center at all.
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    The 700p does that as well.
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    What's up with the calendar automatically updating? Is that via Hotsync?

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