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    I understand that the only practical uses of bluetooth on the treo 750 are syncing and wireless audio. I read that vodafone disabled other functions so the only way to send a pic or tone would be mms which all adds to vf profits. Installing resco explorer allows me to bluetooth out but can't bluetooth back to my treo from my says service file transfer is not found on device First post...please be kind. Treo 750v...we love it
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    I can only confirm you that.
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    If you feel like tinkering, check out BTClass.

    This program will make your Treo advertise any Bluetooth profile you want. I can't guarantee it will actually fix Vodafone's modding, but you can try it. I downloaded it only to tinker with and it seems to do what it says it will.
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    I'm using an unlocked Vodaphone 750v in the U.S. and I can send ringtones and pictures back and forth to it via bluetooth no problem. I don't think the unlocking affects the bluetooth services in any way so your information is wrong.
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