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    Tried searching the forums to no avail. I am looking for an Utility Program to automatically turn on my phone after a reboot occurs. Obviously if I manually reboot the Treo, I can handle this but sometimes I get one of those reboots when I don't know about it and the phone stays off; thus missing calls.

    I know Chattermail had that built into their mail app but decided against purchasing so I lost that functionality upon uninstalling their demo.

    Thanks for your help.

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    TreoGuard will do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenHawk View Post
    TreoGuard will do this.

    True, but I think you will have problems registering TreoGuard as the developer seems to have gone AWOL

    I use PowerUp from GoTreo Software, the VolumeCare people. It's free and works really well.
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    Radio State actually remembers the state of your radio before a reset and returns it to that state. If your radio was on before the reset, it turns it on and vice versa. Much more intelligent solution and simply having the radio turn on after every reset:
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    I use's free.
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    2PlayMe can do the trick as well. I'm using it for quite a while now, and works perfect!
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    Phone Technician works too.
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    If you are on Sprint, the PCS Business Connection update (came out yesterday) allows you to turn the radio on automatically after reboot. You can set to have this done immediately or after a set amount of time. This option is found under Settings -> Preferences -> General -> Radio. It appears to work after reset or battery removal.

    It's a nice feature, that is free with the app.
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    Good catch! I missed that one after updating. I really like the looks of the new software.

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    On the latest cingular firmware, if a spontaneous soft reset occurs when the phone is on, it will turn on the phone automatically once it reboots.
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