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    I had a 700p and switched to the 700w the past two weeks. I used to use palm desktop but had to switch to outlook for the w. I am going back to the P (see my other post if you want to know why). I have entered a lot data the past two weeks. How do I get all my data back? I was planning to active sync the w, then hot sync the p? should I change the hot sync to be desktop overrides device? how do I get palm desktop back?
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    First of all, what data specifically?
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    calendar appointments, new contacts and memos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    calendar appointments, new contacts and memos.
    Well, unless I'm missing something, you should sync your 700W one more time with your PC (Outlook) to make sure all of the contacts, calendar, etc. is up to date. Then install the Palm software from the disk that comes with the 700P and select the synchonize with Outlook option (not Palm desktop).

    Before you actually hotsync the 700P, right click the hotsync icon in the system tray, select "Custom" and change calendar, contacts, tasks, and memos to "desktop overwrites handheld." This should allow everything that you have in Outlook to be copied to your 700P.
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