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    The Resco people put a detailed manual together without some important information. Can someone please tell me...

    1. How to save the changes to a file once you've adjusted the brightness, contrast, and position, so that the changes show up next time the slide show is run.

    2. How to change the order of slides in the slide show and save the custom order.

    Splash Photo doesnt do as much but at least things are more intuitive.

    Would appreciate any help you can provide!

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    1. Menu > Option > Edit then check Zoom, Pan location, Rotation and Color changes. Make Save Properties "On query".

    2. Not sure about this but try Menu > Actions > Custom > Menu > Slideshow > Edit > Sort then change Sort By to Original. You should then be able to drag/drop images into the order you want. You can then do Menu > Save.
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    Thank you, MarkY, for your easy to understand explanation. It's working great now. You should email your instructions to resco.

    I appreciate the time you put in to help me!

    Bill H.
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    Glad it helped. I've had a lot of experience writing software manuals and it always surprises me how companies overlook explaining the more obvious uses of their products. I guess that comes from not having enough regular users test things out.

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