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    4Cast: Nice little weather program. Has a great plug-in for DateBk6 to display the weather on the Today screen. I have it auto-update at 1030 every morning.

    Athletix*: Nice little freeware program for tracking workouts. Not as nice as MySportTraining and no integration for my HRM but still can’t be beat for free.

    Auto Sync: Only “auto sync” program that recognized my 700p for the “detect cable” option. Old program, but works great. Can even use it for Bluetooth.

    BeamPro: Beam anything and anything. Also beam with Bluetooth.

    Blue Fang: Great little program I use in conjunction with my TomTom 6 GPS. It automatically turns on my Bluetooth when TomTom6 is launched. Auto On/Off Bluetooth depending on triggers. Great program!! I use version 1.6 on my Treo 700p. I don’t know if 1.7 works. DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY ON THE 650.

    BTOff: Little program to turn Bluetooth on. Favorite linked to “B” key to launch quickly.

    BTOn: Little program to turn Bluetooth off. Favorite linked to “O” (for “off”) key to launch quickly.

    CallLog+: Allows me to track phone calls in Outlook. Perfect for a business person to track phone calls to clients.

    ChatterMail: Finally purchased this awesome program! Very responsive programmer. AWESOME email program!!! I don’t use push email, but it’s probably the top pick in the email category. I love the interface and the program overall. Very stable and quick, even the beta.. I’m a registered SnapperMail user, (my wife’s email program of choice) so I can always revert back if need be!!

    ChemTable*: Free, well designed Periodic Table. Useful for students. Tons of data.

    Cleanup: (Part of the NeatFreak Plus pack) Cleans up leftover files from deleted programs. Removes orphaned preferences as well. Essential if you’re not willing to do a hard reset and clear out junk by reinstalling all programs individually.

    Converter*: Simple, free unit converter. Ever wonder how many grams in a pound?? Litres in a gallon?

    DateMate: Track birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I prefer this to the built in database. Easier to manage.

    Directory Assistant (DA) *: ESSENTIAL!!! Allows you to look up a phone number, address, or do a reverse lookup on the internet. Copy addresses from the lookup function and get MapQuest or GoogleMap directions from an address book entry! I cannot tell you how many times this program has saved us in a new place, well before I bought TomTom 6. Want to figure out where the closest Target is when you’re driving!? Use this program!!

    DateDiff*: Simple date counting program. Impress your wife with how many days it’s been since your wedding!!

    DateBk6: ESSENTIAL!!! I’ve used this program from when it was DateBk3. *wipes away tear* My baby’s all grown up!! Calendar program. Try it. Two choices. This or Agendus. I travel quite a bit and there one HUGE feature that is missing from Agendus. Time zones!!! For any traveler that uses a Treo for business, it’s a must!!

    DayNotez: Awesome journaling app. Mimics the right hand column from paper day planners. Allows me to record events or take notes as they happen. I used to carry a paper wheel book to jot notes on, now I can use this and use the built in find function to find exactly what I’m looking for.

    Documents to Go Premium: Came with Treo. Used for years. Allows user to edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and more!! Attachments are now useful on my Treo!!! Version 9 is now available. I have not upgraded yet, so I cannot comment.

    eWallet: ESSENTIAL!!! Password Manager. I’ve tried the others. SplashID, PasswordPlus, and some free options and have always come back to this one. It was just updated to include a password generator. I use this on my Treo and my desktop to keep track of all my passwords, accounts, and sensitive information. Encrypted. Protect your personal information.

    FileZ*: Free file manager. Manage apps in RAM and on your SD card.

    FieldsPlus*: Allows you to select text by word. Freeware version similar to TreoSelecText.

    FlightStatus*: Lookup flight status simply. Written by a 16 year old. I have the airline mobile sites bookmarked just in case. I never trust online flight info anyway. Always get to the airport early!!!

    GoogleMaps: If you own a 700p, you probably already own this. GREAT MAPPING PROGRAM. Whoever programmed this should is a genius.

    HandZipperLite*: Open zip files on your handheld and extract those pesky .prc’s!! Free.

    Intelligolf: I own the birdie edition. Might upgrade to the Eagle for GPS if I can convince my wife I need one!! Anyway… if you golf, you want this program. I love it. Allows me to track how I do on the course. Provides extremely detailed statistics about your game. Track multiple players. Check it out!! GREAT PROGRAM!!!

    IconManager*: Customize those icon sets!! I create icons as I need them. Used to cost money (I paid) now it’s freeware!

    KeepOff: Simple but most used program on my 600. Works great on the 700p!!!! GET THIS PROGRAM!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

    KeyCaps600*: Quickly capitalize or get the alternate character. Some people swear by this program. I’m still tweaking my settings. I still get because I type too fast. I’ll get my settings correct sometime.

    Keyshades*: Keyboard light control. Simple program. Uses the side button to toggle the keyboard lights. GENIUS!!!

    LauncherX : Launcher program. I’ve been using this since it was Launcher III. This program has been taken over by Jeff Gibson. He’s one of the premier programmers for the Treo. Can’t wait for the next version!!

    LifeBalance: Alternate ToDo application. Uses fuzzy math to determine priority based on inputs you provide. Also uses places to eliminate certain items you are unable to accomplish based on location. Expensive, but very useful one it’s set up properly. Use it for my personal todos. Work uses ShadowPlan (see below).

    MetrO*: Freeware program that allows you to track subway rides all over the world. Free and FREQUENTLY updated.

    MinutesPlus*: Track your cellphone usage. Counts minutes. Highly customizable.

    MySportTraining: Awesome program that allows you to track workouts, including downloading my Polar S625x Heart Rate Monitor to it! Great program, I’m on my demo, but a little pricey.

    OnGuard Backup: (Part of NeatFreak Plus from NorthGlide) I love the concept of this program. Backs up selected programs when you exit them. No more lost data because you worked all day and your backup was from the previous day when you had to hard reset!!

    Open: I love this program. This is what Palm used to be. Simple. Elegant. And DAMN useful!! Allows you to record hours of a local business and see whether or not they are open!! It even tells you how long they will be open or how long until they open.

    PalmPDF: View PDF files on your Treo!! It works!! Try it!!

    PalmVNC*: Free Virtual Private Network program. Control your home computer from work!! Ever forget something at home?? Need a file? Email it to yourself using your Treo!! Freaks my wife out though when I take control of the laptop when she’s using it!!

    PalmaSutra*: Educational…. *wink, wink*

    pTunes Deluxe: MP3 player. I use it mostly for ringtones, but can be used for steaming audio feeds and as a dedicated MP3 Player. I have an IPod video for that.

    PocketTV Browser*: GREAT PROGRAM!!! Customizable TV Guide program that allows you to carry up to 14 days worth of TV listings on your phone. Uses XMLTV to download listings from Zap2It Labs.

    PocketMirror Pro XT: Synchronize your Outlook Contacts, Notes, Calendar, and Tasks with your Treo. Indispensable program. Much better than provided Outlook Conduit.

    Power48*: For those of you out there that remember the good ol’ days of HP calculators will love this program. It allows you to emulate your beloved 48SX, 48GX, or 49G. Only works on the 650. Requires HiRes.

    ProfileCare: ESSENTIAL!!! Profiles for the 700p. Change settings easily. Very responsive developer. Must use 3.16 if you have a 700p.

    RescoBackup: My backup solution of choice for now. Efficient and reliable. Love the option to flush DBCache after a backup.

    SmartListToGo: Database program. Syncs with Microsoft Access. I planned my entire wedding using this program. I created a guest list with all the fields I needed (names, RSVP, number invited, number confirmed, etc.) It allowed my wife and I to have updated wedding plans with us at all times. Very, very useful program. I track movies watched, books read, places I’ve lived (required for my security clearance), etc. Can’t wait until the next release. I expect forms!! HanDBase is the other option.

    ShadowPlan: Project manager. I use this for work. I’m a submarine officer in the US Navy. I used this to track all non-classified information. (Can’t put classified material on PDAs) Allows me to effectively track tasks. Good program with a desktop component.

    ShortCut5*: Simple, free and useful shortcut program. I have set up “.em” to list my full email address.

    TCPMP*: Downloaded yesterday. Haven’t used it yet. Plays videos and various file formats. Many threads about this program. I have high expectations. Core Player is now out. Haven’t checked it out yet.

    TealAuto: Gas mileage tracker and automobile maintenance program. Expensive. Worth it if you want to have detailed information about your car with you at all times.

    Tides*: Ocean tides program. Useful to get a ballpark tide. I’m still required to use the publications to get the exact tides and currents, but close enough for your average sailor!! Includes tides and currents all over the world.

    TrackerDog*: Software version tracker. Allows you to see which programs installed on your Treo are out of date over the air (OTA).

    Quizzler Pro*: Quiz program. Helps you learn things. Make your own quizzes.

    Ultrasoft Money: ESSENTIAL!!! MY MOST USED PROGRAM!!! If you use Microsoft Money, this is the companion. I track EVERY SINGLE PENNY I spend!! I can tell you for the last six years what I’ve spent money on. I track my investments, bank accounts, credit cards… EVERYTHING!! This program makes it easy. (Doesn’t really stop me from spending, just tells me where my money goes) My wife spends the money, I enter the transaction into my phone as she pays (or as I pay if I’m alone). Awesome interface, easy entry. It then syncs with Microsoft Money when I get home. Even does budgeting!!! Tells you when you’re getting close to your monthly spending limits! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! Well… except when my wife wonders why I spent so much on alcohol…. *looking guilty* Best program on my Treo. Developer is constantly updating the program. Used this program for YEARS.

    VolumeCare: Volume assist for wimpy Treo 700p. Makes the Treo 700p usable (though it was much better than the 650 out of the box).

    After listing all those programs, I would hate to add up how much money I’ve spent over the years for software for my Palms!!

    TomTom Navigator 6: I cannot describe how much I enjoy using this. I think that it’s so completely awesome!! I got the Palm Navigator Smartphone 2 Edition. It is so useful that not only did my wife like it (and let me buy it), SHE MADE ME BUY HER ONE!!! If that doesn’t tell you how well it works, nothing will.

    ProClip USA Vehicle Mount: I do not use the vehicle mount that came with my TomTom6. I prefer the molded ABS plastic mounts that are customizable for every vehicle. Your vehicle is supported. Guranteed.

    Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth Headset: Love this little baby. Only Bluetooth headset that works well with my 700p . I even have to TURN DOWN THE VOLUME!! I use a little tape on the hole under the earpiece to help on the echo. Other than that!! Perfect!!

    Covertec Side Case: Used this case for three years. Simple and it works.

    Below is my configuration. I list is as an example of how I use the above programs. I love to read threads on how other users have configured their devices. I share mine as an example.
    1. Phone Screen: Ajusted for two rows displayed at all times. Place #1 is the Wife, Place #2 is Home. Under “Display Options”, I have “Show Wallpaper” and “Typing Starts Contact Search.” I like my phone to search when I type.
    2. Favorites: Phone numbers, websites, etc. Three of note. TomTom Navigator 6 is launched with “N”. Blue Fang is configured to turn Bluetooth on with it is launched. BTOff is launched with “O” and BTOn is launched with “B”. I use these for ease with by Samsung WEP 200 headset. “D” launches Directory Assistant to look up numbers and “G” launches Google Maps… well just cause it’s so cool.
    3. KeepOff…. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. This program keeps my phone off. And I mean really off. THE ONLY BUTTON THAT WAKES THE TREO IS THE POWER BUTTON. NO MORE KEYGUARD!! I love it! I have the “Lock App Buttons” and “Enable” options selected. It allows me to answer calls with either the D-Pad center, ignore with Red and Answer with Green. My most useful program.
    4. Auto Sync is configured to sync with the desktop at 0300 in the morning, followed by a reset with mReset. RescoBackup then backs up at 0400 and resets again. This is transparent to me, since I’m asleep!!
    5. ProfileCare. Profiles… duh!! Configured to change settings at various points through the day. I have it configured to turn off the phone at midnight and energize the orange LED when muted to remind me to unmute it. Holding Menu launches the profile switcher.
    6. Side Button: Configured with KeyShades to turn KB lights on and off when a short hold. A long hold launches Ultrasoft Money, my most used program!!
    7. Buttons: Phone(Web), DateBk6(On Demand), ChatterEmail(Messaging), Power
    8. Keyguard: Disabled. I use KeepOff 1.5b I also have the touch screen disabled while on a phone call. I hate hanging up with my cheek.
    9. Ringers: is where I download my AMR ringtones. Tons and Tons of ringtones. I don’t use a ringtone program. I used to use LightWav, but not anymore.
    10. Power: BeamReceive Off. AutoOff after 1 minute.
    11. ASC4, ASC3 files! Delete them all!! No No No to VersaMail!! No lag for me!!

    Overall and Conclusion
    Overall, I’m extremely happy with my 700p!! The only bad thing is that Sprint upgraded my old 600 to a 650 and now to a 700p for free and now my wife has one!! She has a Palm Smartphone Navigator 2 on order!! She loves hers and so do I. I get no lags and very few resets. If there are any questions, please post them and I’ll try to answer!!
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    Let me know if any of the links don't work. I'll post fixes.
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    Very extensive list. I will have to check out these apps.

    Mowgli the Jungle Boy
    Orange Handspring Visor Deluxe
    Tungsten T
    Treo 700p VZW
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    A corrrection to your DateBk6 entry: Agendus v11.x does time zones!
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    I use a lot of the same apps and products. I was surprised to see that you don't use Uninstall Mgr by Northglide.
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    Uninstall Manager is always the first app installed. I knew I forgot something!!

    And yes, the most recent version of Agendus does have timezones. Thanks for the correction.
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    what an amazing post...thanks so much! i have used some of your links to dl programs that look great.

    i also use:

    games: bubblet, bejeweled2

    dir. assistant
    rescue backup
    splash shopper (wow, i love this program)
    text like a charm. makes typing longer emails so much easier.
    zagat to go.

    ? for nyc subway the metro program the best one out there for point to point heavy-duty nyc subway use? i'd love some feedback before i download it. i often use hopstop but they don't have a good palm program. i just want station-to-station information that is up-to-date. i need it far more than driving directions.

    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.
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    MetrO is freeware by the way. So that alone makes it awesome. But the developer is very active. He is constantly updating the databases. In fact, it includes a little program called MetrUp that updates the databases you have loaded via your internet connection. It displays the fastest route or fewest connections for each search. As for the accuracy, you'd have to try it yourself. The other option I know of is Tube NYC. Never tried it because it's $20 (i think).

    Oh.... I forgot to mention, all titles marked with an asterix (*) are freeware. Try KeepOff!!!! You'll love it.
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    Blue Fang, BTOff, BTOn, GoogleMaps, and KeepOff are freeware also.
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    You can save yourself a little memory and use BtOff or BTOn, both are not needed, as each application changes the state of the Bluetooth radio - if it is off, it will turn it on - only one is needed. Ben
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    trying KeepOff, now. Thanks. Keyguard is an annoying compromise I've been living with, way too long. Here's to hoping it doesn't crash my system, heh.
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    akula34, congratulations for the post!

    It is a wonderful list of apps, many of there freeware. I´m just trying KeepOff.

    God bless you!

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    Why do you double sync. I'm wondering do a lot of people double sync?

    And if u took your SD card the was backedup and stuck it into a different palm could they take all your info. I know they would have to have the same hotsync id. but if they did could they do that?

    sorry kind of a random question. I love the list and thanks for the explantions that really helps.
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    Somebody "sticky" this!
    What a great post. Thank you for spending the time to get all this down with links!This shoud help quite a few people.
    I agree with much of what you wrote and now I will try the rest.
    BTW I'm an Agendus type.
    Thank you again.
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    great post Akula, thanks a lot for the information!
    - Jeeman
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    Here's mine. I don't have time to describe each one and post a link right now, but a google search should find any of them. If not, and you need more info, let me know:

    AardQuick (button launcher)
    Bejeweled 2
    Dir Asst
    Backup Buddy NVFS
    CFB Timer
    Datebk 5
    Flight Status
    Google Maps
    Kalaha (game)
    Palm Internals
    Pref Doctor (trial)
    Handy Shopper
    KB LightsOff
    Launcher X (I've also used ZLauncher)
    Passwords Plus
    RingerSwitch Pro
    RPN (calculator)
    Phone Technician
    Sol Free
    Uninstall Mgr
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I'm a simple type of guy.
    I've had several palm devices in the past but I don't load a lot of apps.

    google maps
    voice dial -demo
    IBM java
    madden06 -demo
    kinoma 4
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    I recently upgraded from 650 to 700P. I love it. however the lags/pauses while typing etc are driving me crazy. is this typical?
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    Lags? Normal, & typical.... One question for you all, when I was useing Agendus, nothing but daily resets(the worse time I've had on my 700p) I want to try Datebk6, but I don't want to deal with crash's, are you all happy Datebk user's?
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post

    Open: I love this program. This is what Palm used to be. Simple. Elegant. And DAMN useful!! Allows you to record hours of a local business and see whether or not they are open!! It even tells you how long they will be open or how long until they open.

    What's up with this link - it redirects to Do you have a working link or can you post the .prc?

    I find the same thing with versiontracker and, too.
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