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    Maybe someone can easily help me. I'm new to the treo world, and recently bought a sprint 700wx...I'm sure some of you know about the big text messaging issue. This brings me to phone shopping!

    What service provider does the 680 go with? What does GSM exactly mean? How would I get unlimited texintg, data, etc if this phone can go with any service provider? I'm a bit confused.

    Say I wanted to go purchase this phone, where do I go?

    Is this a good upgrade from my sprint 700wx?

    Thanks guys.

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    Motoracer, the 680 is GSM and will work on Cingular and T-Mobile in the US if it is unlocked. All the threads here are talking about when the 680 will be released on Cingular (being Cingular branded and not unlocked) and when it will be for sale by Palm (unlocked).

    Sprint, and the 700wx you're using operate on the CDMA network which does not work with Cingular and T-Mobile (GSM). Verizon is also CDMA.

    Sorry, I don't know what GSM means

    If you want to purchase this phone, you'd need to sign up with Cingular and purchase their version or purchase from Palm and (assuming it's unlocked) sign up with Cingular or T-Mobile.

    Is it a good upgrade? That's a loaded question Your 700wx is WM5 and the 680 is POS (Palm OS). I would check out the forums here and decide what operating system you would like. I've used the 700wx and it's a great device. Much better than the 700w.
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    GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This is derived from it's original french name. If you purchase an unlocked 680 (from Palm directly), YOU decide which system - Cingular or T-Mobile you want to use, and check out their data plans and calling plans to make your decision. If you travel overseas, especially to Europe, GSM is in virtually every country, so you can either use the sim card from Cingular or T-Mobile, or purchase a sim card from any carrier in the country you visit, which may give you cheaper local calling. Of course, if you do that - your friends will not have the number, unless you give it to them!

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