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    OK ladies and fine gents,

    Sprint Treo 650= crash city. No matter what. But not as much with a clean install. I felt it must have been epocrates.

    Now I'm on Cingular with the 650 as well--and I thought after leaving Palm for awhile, they'd have their act together. But no....the blazer browser crashes randomly. So I deleted epocrates and I'm still have the problem.

    What gives? And how to fix this? Is this just "the way it is"?

    It is maddening to me. My Cingular 8125 was not a very smooth-operating smartphone, but it certainly crashed less than this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pufftissue View Post
    OK ladies and fine gents,

    Sprint Treo 650= crash city.
    I just thought I would reword this.....

    TREO = crash City...

    It's not just your model... It's Treo thus, now looking like Palm..
    They decided to bare all their eggs into 1 line...TREO . So now this is what they have to fall back on..
    Kinda like stocks...
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    How did you load up your Cingular 650? Did you do a completely fresh install or did you sync to a previous profile?

    What applications do you have installed on the Cingular 650 and are you sure you have the most recent version(s)?

    How often are the crashes occurring? What do you have the cache limit set for in Blazer and how much free memory do you have on the device?
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    Install latest ROM update
    Do a hard reset
    If the Treo works => problems you were having was because of software
    Install each software one by one and use for a few days to identify which software starts the problem

    If Treo misbehaves after hard reset (no 3rd party software added) => hardware problem
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    If you're on an old firmware, yes, Blazer crashes a lot because it bombs when it runs out of dbcache. With the latest firmware the dbcache is managed much better.

    If you're using Blazer as your ruler for Palm stability you have quite the skewed measurement.
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    A Cingular Treo 650 with the latest firmware should be very stable (without 3rd party apps).

    Try the hard reset thing and if it still resets, you either have a bad load of firmware or bad hardware.
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