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    I have an overzealous IT department that won't allow "unsupported" devices. (read: because of Good's new licensing model, they're trying to force people to only use devices from carriers that have Good data plans)

    My misgivings about Good's new licensing model notwithstanding, I'd just like to continue using Good on my device - it works perfectly, and I have a nice, affordable voice and data plan with T-Mobile. My company paid the Good license just fine under the old model.

    Is anyone familiar with exactly how the GoodLink server can tell that I have a T-Mobile Dash? From where on the phone does it draw that data? Is there a registry setting that I can change on the in the MS Smartphone OS that can instead tell the server that I have, say, a Motorola Q?
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    If you have the old model, you don't have to worry about the GDP from the carrier.

    As it relates to the device, the information is pulled from the ROM of the device, ie, the ESN# or IMSI#.
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    Is there any way to do this? I'd like to try different devices on my Corporate Good server and my IT dept doesn't always allow new devices. There should be a way to have the Good app report to the server that it is is running a different device and OS?
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    You can run mutiple devices on a single mailbox, but you have to have a PIN number generated by the GMM Admin for each device. The device info is in the ROM of the device, so you can't 'fool' the Good server without changing the ESN or IMSI number which, as far as I know, can't be done.

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