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    This has just been posted to the FlashAdapter forum by Roger Sinasohn and I thought it deserved a wider audience.
    From Roger Sinasohn
    I use WordSmith a fair bit on my visor (Visor+Stowaway+WordSmith = almost
    finished children's book!) and recently noticed that my documents weren't
    showing up on my PC. Working with Blue Nomad's excellent support team, we
    figured out the problem: my beloved MatchBookDrive. I got my MBD at the
    end of February, stuck in a 16MB CF card, and haven't removed it since.

    Unfortunately, it seems that if you have the module installed, with a CF
    card, WordSmith's Conduit doesn't convert the PDB documents to RTF/DOC
    files for use in word. If you remove the module, or even just the CF card,
    it works fine.

    I don't understand why this could be an issue, but it's not a real problem
    for me -- I just need to remember to pull the MBD before hotsyncing.

    Anyway, I figure I'm not the only one to use a CF Adapter and WordSmith, so
    I thought I'd pass this along. I don't know if this is an issue with all
    adapters or just the MatchBookDrive, with all CF cards or just the 16MB PNY
    I have, or what, but if you find you're not getting your documents on your
    PC, then this might be the issue.

    And, if you have encountered this, you can force WS documents to be synced
    without having to change them by going into the Details screen for the
    document and checking the Sync box.

    And lastly, I highly recommend WordSmith, the MatchBookDrive, and Kopsis'
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    I got his problem too with my innopocket
    and bluenomad trying to solve this problem
    this is the email I got
    "Hi Andrew-

    Thanks for your message. I will let our developers know. It appears that a
    few of these modules are causing some problems with hotsync and our program.



    I hope they will fix it soon.
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    I have almost the same problem using the 8mb Springboard Flash. If I move Wordsmith to the Flash, the is no syncing. Move it back, and all works fine.

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