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    OK. This is difficult.
    I just bought a Treo 700p. I bought it from Verizon.
    I use Outlook very heavily on my computer.
    I installed VersaMail to do email on the 700p and Sync'ed it (cradle and all).

    It added all my Treo phone numbers to Outlook and add a LOT of stuff to the Treo.


    I use Tasks in Outlook in non-standard (maybe stupid) way - but that is not the point. The point is, I now have LOADS of Tasks constantly beeping at me on the Treo (with the little yellow reminder blinking top-left on the Treo.

    1) Is there a way to tell the Treo: "Never beep at me for an Outlook task." - and I mean Never. I DO want it to beep at me for Calendar reminders, etc.

    2) The 'general' part: Is there a document somewhere that shows how to control this Outlook Task Sync process?

    #1 above is more important than #2.
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    Stop creating Tasks with Reminders (Alarm).
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