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    Crossposting this from the toysoft support forum which doesnt seem to get much traffic.....

    I have a few numbers set to pickup/hangup. Just a moment ago one of these people called me and it picked up, I could hear her talking on the other end, but it didnt hang up. So i hit hangup lol. Anyway, it would be nice if this was checked by someone else. I'm using the latest version (1.7.1 #2005.091) with a 700p on verizon.

    So if you use this version with this phone and this feature, I would really appriciate if you could tell me if yours works or not.

    Edit: I could set it to block, but I don't want to listen to their voicemails either.. sooo
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    Mine doesnt work either. I dont really use it but I tried it one day and it picked up but never hung up.
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    bump.. anyone else?

    smiley at the mytreo forums told me that setting the pickup/hangup delay to 2 seconds in the general preferences might solve the problem with 1.7.1


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