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    I read the other discussion that said the SleepPic will work, but i have version 5.01 of firepad...and it's not working. Anything else that might help me?
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    I know even less than the last poster and have the same question... Please help
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    I use a program called "Your Logo". It is easy to use and can be downloaded at:

    Good luck!
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    I downloaded the program, but i dont understand what he means with the command prompt part. I can open a dos window, but i honestly don't know what to do once there (at least with this program). Sorry to be such a bother... does anyone have the patience to walk me through a little?
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    You can also use ImagerX Hack. This program will allow you to do what you want. You can create any 160x160 .jpg or gif image and with the program make image (available at the site).I've been using this for a while and it works pretty good.

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    For some reason, imager x kills my handspring. WHenever i try to start the program it locks up the handspring and i have to reset. It sounds nice, but i couldn't get it to work on the dlx or the plat.

    Oh well,

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    What Hacks are you running. I used it on both, a VDX and a plat.
    "We are the people are parents warned us about."

    <b>Clark Fralick</b>
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    I have a plat and have never been able to get ImagerX Hackv1.2 to work correctly. the pictures appear garbled both on startup and when just viewing in ImagerX. I have deactivated all of my hacks. Any help?

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