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    hi guys i hope u can all help i want to get do a custom rom of my phone so i can clear some space i only use a few programs (2-3) and want to get rid of stuff like realplayer ect

    the problem is everytime i delte the stuff of my phone and do a hard reset the next time i hot sync it puts it all back lol how do i stop it doing this all i want it to do is put my contacts and network settings back and that is it then i can make my custom rom .. the only progs i use are tomtom 6 , litlle john , pockettunes,ispin and spacetrader and the reason i need as much space as pos is for little john lol
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    please please someone help me sort this out
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    If the programs are not in ROM, you can just delete them, can't you? It shouldn't come back after you delete it, I think.
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    a hotsync after a hard reset will restore the phone to its previous state unless you delete the unwanted apps then sync, thereby setting a new phone state. If your gonna do a custom ROM, use a backup app like Backup Buddy to make a backup of your phone prior to hard reset, then once you have your ROM like you like it, you can remove the unwanted apps from your backup and restore it to your phone, thereby restoring the apps you want and PIM.

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