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    phone wont stop turning off in my pocket.

    requested another new sim card tray (already had new one), still doesnt do the trick.

    did a hard reset earlier tonight, still turning off.

    does NOT turn off when it sits on my desk or nightstand (when not moving).

    suggestions? i think i am out of ideas aside from sending it back in to palm.
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    If you knew about the sim tray, you likely know there's a different solution too..

    Cut something slightly smaller than your sim card, but of reasonable thickness (I've heard cigarette box thickness) and put it in the tray, then your SIM on top of it. Don't make it too thick or you'll never get it back out.

    If that doesn't work, something is definately wrong. If you tap the phone in your hand, does it go off? And what does turning off mean? You hear the phone application shutting down, tune and all?

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