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    My 700p's built-in speaker stopped working today, and started acting like the headset was always plugged into the jack, even when it wasn't. Sounds like the headset jack problem, but I called Sprint, and they told me that 'a little piece broke off inside my phone' and I needed to take it to a repair center. The guy said it was a common problem with these phones. I've seen a few posts about probs with the headset jack, but nothing about 'little pieces breaking off' What's the deal?

    BTW, I was very impressed with Sprint's service and thier automated attendant. I called and said 'technical support', then 'treo' and got a guy who knew what my problem was right off the bat. No stupid 'is the phone turned on?' type questions. Total call time was less than five minutes.... credit where credit is due.
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    I've heard that you can take the battery off and LOOSEN the screw near the audio jack and if there's a piece stuck in there it will probably fall out.

    This is assuming that you 'lost' a piece of something in there, if not, I'm not sure where something would "break off inside" if there's nothing that... broke off, right?

    VolumeCare can also work around this problem, but if you can get the hardware fixed it's probably best to go that route.
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    "Sounds like a third-party application caused this. Please do a hard reset of your phone - it fixes everything." -Sprint/Palm

    I hope your experience is going to be more typical of Sprint's Treo support - I can't even get them to que up a PRL in 5 minutes.

    And when I got "lucky" and received one of the early 700p's that had an (unreported) hardware and/or firmware problem (worked fine a few days then slowly degraded into continual resets) - it took a weekend of removing and reinstalling every single application, even complete hard and zero-out resets until I unilaterally concluded the phone was bad and could repeat it in front of one of the Sprint employees. If you have a 700p that did this even after a hard reset - they apparently *now* have unofficially acknowledged it - push the issue with your carrier and/or Palm's executive escalation.

    I've had a non-functional earpiece that took their "tech" hours to conclude as bad (duh). So 5 minutes to approve replacement of a bad phone is truly an envious record for Sprint.
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    Well, he didn't 'approve a replacement'... he just said I had to go to the store to get it fixed.

    BTW, I've been lucky enough to never have to do this before. Do they usually give you a new one, or a refurb? With all the bad models out there, I'm a little wary of giving up a phone that otherwise mostly works...

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