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    Hello guys,

    I have just finished the beta version of a new game: Blue Diamond

    In "Blue Diamond" you are a master thief who have been caught trying to steal the infamous “Blue Diamond” from a vault in a Swiss bank in Geneva. The director of the bank is giving you a unique chance to leave the bank with some serious cash or even the “Blue Diamond” if you lucky. Of course the director is doing this to avoid bad publicity. Still there is a catch! The director likes to play games and he wants you to play along. Actually you do not have any choice! Either you play and maybe get some cash or he calls the police.

    The game consist of a vault with 26 safety deposit boxes. One of the boxes contains the infamous “Blue Diamond” and the rest have cash amounts that ranges from $0.01 to $750,000.00.

    The “bleu Diamond” is valued to $1000,000 ( or 1M) All of the boxes content are randomly shuffled at the start of each game. So each game is different.

    So at this time I am looking for a few beta testers to take it a spin (320x320 but low res coming very soon). This beta testing is really limited so that I can best respond to those who voluntered. Thank you in advance for your understanding. If you are interested, please PM me with your email adress and I will send you the game and a quick user guide as soon as possible. Thank you again for any help I can get. My experience in develloping my other game (Lunar Lander Simulator) taught me that beta testers are critical to producing quality applications (not only for bugs reporting but also in making the game even better thru their suggestions).

    Thank you again.

    Take care guys.

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    I watch this game sometime on TV.. I guess you didn't want to call it Deal or No Deal for legal reasons?
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    just a quick note to let you know that the game should work on any Palm OS 5.0 and 320x320 screen (soon 160x160). At this I am hoping to be able to test it on older Palm (T, Zire for instance in addition to Treos) as well a new ones. This a 250K application that uses little ressources so it should work on Palm with smaller heap memory (unlike my other game Lunar Lander Simulator!) .

    To find out which Palm could run "Blue Diamond" is I guess part of this beta testing!!

    Thanks again.

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    I think you need to add in Howie Mandel
    Palm III > HS Visor > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > Treo Pro > PrePlus GSM

    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    Hi Scottymomo!

    Yes you are right Actually that is why I tried to find a different angle to the game. I also try to stick to my graphics/sounds and the new story (bank robber).

    I hope you will like it!

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    Hello all,

    Iam very sorry but this beta is now close. Thank you so much for some of you for your participation. I am hoping to release the game very soon.

    Stay tune...

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    Hi guys,

    Now that the game is compatible with lower res Palm (like the Treo 600), I am opening the beta again but for only people with Treo 600 (or other Palm with low res screen 160x160 who have at least OS 5.0). Thank you for your help guys...


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    Hi guys,

    Just a a quick update about the upcoming game. I am almost there. Thanks to my amazing beta testers, I was able to only make a lot progress but even more importantly I was able to improve the game. Thank you guys (you know who you are!) for helping me make "Blue Diamond" even better. I should be able to release in the next few days. so stay tune...


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