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    A couple of days ago I noticed my phone was connected on the the internet (the little green arrows on top of the bars were blinking). The thing is i have no idea what it was, Blazer was not connected and I had to go into the network settings to disconnect.

    This got me worried about unauthorized connections, and i tried to set a password for everytime i want to connect but i can't find that setting.

    Is their such a way to prompt me for a password everytime i want to go online?

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    Have you considered locking the device when you are not using it? The password thing when YOU are using it will probably get old real fast. Ben
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    Nah, I'm going to get tired of putting the password in evertyime i want to use something on the device. I barely use the internet though, so i don't mind putting in the pwd whenever i want to connect.
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    Go to Prefs, Network. On the Options menu select Preferences. There's a setting Ask before connecting to the internet. This will probably do what you want.
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