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    I've read a bunch of threads on here to solve this and am not 100% there.
    Thanks so much for any help, I'm aggravated with myself that I did this.

    Ok, first it's been over a year or more with the 650 with no problems.

    Today I installed Chattermail to test it out with our Exchange server and forgot to take notice of how much free space I had. Alas, I didn't have very much and I went into a reset loop (I'm assuming the space issue was the problem).

    I reset and held down the up arrow and tried to HotSync. It said I had to delete data first. I was able to delete a good deal of photos, etc. (pressing the Home button made it crash) and was able to HotSync and write over the handheld with the computer's files.

    Next I was able to use the Home button and was able to delete all of the Chatterxxx files I found. I HotSynced again successfully. I performed a reset by tapping the reset button with my stylus and it goes into a reset loop again.

    I'm not sure what the heck is up. Everything was *fine* until I installed Chattermail. Now that it's deleted shouldn't all be well again? Are there some weird remains of Chattermail in there that I need to delete?

    Thanks for any help. The phone won't turn on right now, although everything else works fine. I'm so mad at myself for doing this...

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    I got a message (not posted to the board) to do a hard reset. I did this and HotSync'd with files copied back to the hand held and all is well again.

    I still have no clue why this continued to be a problem. Thanks to the folks who msg'd me. Thought I'd put my solution in here in case anyone else has this problem.

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