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    I have very few unscheduled resets, maybe 1 per week on average. And that includes times when I have a lot of stuff going on - e.g. GPS, music and phone in the background with some other program in the foreground. I'm on Verizon with the 1.05a ROM if that matters. I would characterize my software portfolio and hacking level as "advanced intermediate." The 650 is not a perfect device but pretty darn good; I can't imagine any other device that does as much as the Treo can do would be signficantly better.

    I DO have some regrets however. Consider this. With my desktop and laptop computers, basically I just figure out how to do the tasks I really need to do, buy the software required for said tasks, and I stop there.

    With the Treo, there is something compelling and irresistable about trying to do as much as possible with one small device that you always carry with you. So I spend a lot of time and neural activity (much of it on this board) reading about what is possible to do with the Treo and trying out new programs. I spend WAY more time learning about how to use the Treo more effectively than the time I save by said learning. It becomes a recreational activity as much as a tool. I do regret to some extent this "change of status" (from tool to toy) - I should really be spending more of my recreation time doing other things...
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    Mine resets every couple of days but ONLY because Im using LJP and playing RBI baseball all the time.
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    Exactly, LJP while on the can!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercoffee1 View Post
    Exactly, LJP while on the can!
    In the can, on the couch while Im stuck watching a boring movie, or in bed when I cant go to sleep. Between RBI and Tecmo Bowl...Im hooked.
    Palm III-->Palm IIIxe-->Palm 505-->Samsung i300-->Treo 600-->PPC 6600-->Treo 650-->Treo 700wx-->BB Pearl--> BB Curve

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    Quote Originally Posted by manilenio View Post
    Sir, which problem would deleting the saved preferences file fix? Also, I do not know which file to delete. What would this affect? My 650 is running pretty much ok right now, aside from the occassional resets due to the messaging problem I stated above. However, I'm open to trying something new to completely fix this (if that's possible). Can you tell me what to do? Thanks!
    It sounds like you are getting a problem that no one else is getting with the same software, therefore it could be that your "registry" or Saved Preferences file is corrupted.

    Follow my steps in the below post to test this theory. Make sure you keep a copy of your Old SP file, so that you can go back to it if you want to.
    Also, if you are using PrefDoc, turn it off first or you will not be able to delete the old files.

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    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by pufftissue View Post
    Wow, I get nothing but multiple crashes per day.
    I am currently trying a cocktail of dbcache tool, UDMH, and Rescoe Locker to remedy this problem.
    It's almost like a side hobby of mine since I've ordered a WM5 device now. I just want to see what it will take to get a treo 650 to stay stable.

    Honestly, I think there are equal numbers of Treo 650 users that experience what I am experiencing. It is well known to be a unstable device relative to the competition. As these posts will attest, it is conceivable to make the 650 stable, but for quite a few including myself, I have yet to figure out how.
    I'd put money on your problem being a corrupted Saved Preference file.

    Try the delete and rebuild trick and you might suddenly find you have a stable Treo
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by joelsquare View Post
    Hi there,

    My Treo 600 is about to die, and I just assumed that the logical upgrade would be the 650. However, the fella at the store convinced me that the Treo 650 is a bundle of trouble.

    I need to replace my phone very soon. I'm wondering if most 650 users regret buying one, or if their experiences have been generally good?

    My 650 on Verizon has been rock solid since performing firmware updates. I think it is a bit bulky but is much better than any othe rproduct on the market. Some exceptions may exist but this is a great device. And now for the truth - I bought a Moto Q and using it nwo for about 2 weeks. i may go back to the Treo soon. The q benefit is form factor when sitting on a table on a pant/shirt pocket...otherwise in had during use the treo form factor is more comfortable.
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